Atom Publishing Protocol framework for Ruby

Project information

The goal of this project is to make adopting Atom Publishing Protocol(APP) support in web applications as easy as it can be. This is to be reached by implementing a framework that handles the protocol-level duties for the programmer, while not making any requirements for the site design.

The way that this framework realizes this functionality is by implementing a base class for each back-end. At the moment there are two back-ends, for Ruby on Rails and for CGI. The base classes expect that the user's application responds to a certain interface and stores the content information.

The framework conforms to APP draft 06.

The work for this project is freely available(MIT licensed) from this website.



Latest releases can be downloaded from RubyForge.

You can get the latest sources using command:

svn checkout --username anonymous --password "" \
and browse the repository.

Contact information

I'd like to get bug reports, corrections and opinions concerning this framework by email. Also I'd like to know if you use the framework in your project.